Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Muffin Tins for more than baking!

Muffins tins are for more then baking.

I love using muffin tins for lunch with the kids. I found this idea while browsing the Internet and thought I would share. Its a great way to put some kick into lunch. You simply place different food options in each compartment of the muffin tins!!
The muffin tin contains fruit bar, peaches, green beans, turkey, raviolis, and Gerber veggie snacks, vanilla cookies, Gerber yogurt snacks

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You can also fill your muffin tin with themed ingredients such as " Yogurt and Fruit" or "pizza" and fill each cupcake with toppings or fruit.

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Ok if that's not enough try using a muffin tin to organize supplies for a small craft or baking project. For example, over the holiday we created a gingerbread house and used a muffin tin to hold all the candies and goodies. We have also used a muffin tin to secure items for a craft project (glue, sequence, yarn etc).

Looking for some great preschool sized main dish check out a few of my favorite recipes using muffin tins:

Turkey and Spinach Lasagna Cakes

Baked Egg Cups

Mini Marvelous meatloaf


  1. That's a wonderful use for muffin tins :) I used to do that when my son and nephew was younger.

  2. I haven't checked yet, did you link this up Muffin TIn Mom? HOpe so, I know other MTM'ers would love to see! HOw old is your little one?

  3. Thanks Michelle. I have a few things I want to add and then I will link it up next week. My son is 13 months and my daughter is three and the both love muffin tin meals!

  4. I love the uses for tins. Nice lunch!