Sunday, January 9, 2011

Foil Wrapped Veggies

Foil Wrapped Veggies ( adapted from various recipes

pieces of aluminum foil, 12-14" long
1-2 teaspoons, salted butter per packet
1 medium onion, sliced and diveded
4 uncooked baking potato, well scrubbed, skin on per packet
1 green, yellow or red bell pepper decided, diveded
1/2 bag of baby carrots
paprika to taste
salt and pepper as desired

Lay out all the pieces of aluminum foil that you will need.

Place butter in the center of each piece of foil.

Place the onions on top of the butter.

Starting at the narrow end, cut each potato into 1/4" slices. Place slices on top of onions.

Add carrots and bell pepper as desired

Add sesoning as desired.

Bring ends of the foil together and fold down to seal the foil tightly around the veggies , keeping the packets as flat as possible.

Place packets on a grill on medium-low heat. Cook on each side for 20 minutes or a total of 40 minutes.

We usually grill the potato packets first, then keep them warm on a rack inside the grill while grilling the main course

This recipe can also be baked in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, this is how it was cooked tonight!

This is a simple side dish that tastes great. If your having guests you can have them season their own packets.

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