Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grocery Shopping with Kids

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When takig children to the store timing has to be just right..little ones can not be to hungry or tired and they have to be engaged. One of my favorite was to keep my kids happy at the grocery store is to play food bingo. Here is an example of a food bingo card from kidzclub. I create mine using Word based on what I need for that shopping trip, and give my daughter a crayon and she starts crossing the items off as we put them in the cart. I sometimes also ask her to put that item in the cart. Are you an avid coupner? Instead of using computer graphics have your child cut out the items from a grocery add and glue them on to a blank bingo card. Do you have emerging readers? Great write the word instead of pictures to help them learn some great new vocbulary sklls.

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  1. What fun. Food bingo is a great idea.

  2. I LOVE this tip! My kids love to play Christmas bingo and Easter bingo. Now we have a more regular game to play.