Sunday, December 26, 2010

Plan of attack for 2011

How man of you out there have a New Years resolution to get organized? I DO! I

As a working mom I often become overwhelmed by all the chores that has to be accomplished daily/weekly. My current schedule is to clean the entire house on Saturday and clean floors, and kitchen as needed. This currently dose not meet our families needs, as I work 40+ hours a week and by the time Saturday comes I want to sit down and relax! I have been searching other blogs and have come up with a mix that works for me!

One thing that works for me is the way that I meal plan.I complete a monthly meal plan and shop once a month for staples, and meats. I shop weekly for dairy products and perishables. Yet other moms/ladies I know meal plan weekly and shop once a week! The key is to do what works best for your family, these are just a few ideas

So I am hoping that writing this down will help relieve some of the stress I feel and help with the organizational component of keeping house.

Monday: Market Day. The kitchen is cleaned daily after use) but today all things kitchen are completed.. Fridge cleaned out, meal planing, top of fridge, organize cabinets etc.)

Tuesday: Toilet, Tub, Towels. Toys (Organize toy boxes)

Wednesday: Wash(sheets, whites, darks, kids clothes)

Thursday: Bedrooms (dusted, vacuumed etc)

Friday: Family (Living rooms, dusted, cobwebs etc)

Saturday: Self Day Take time for you! Complete a favorite hobby etc. For me that activity is scrapbooking! LOVE IT! I also want to have a family activity scheduled this day! This will also be my errand running day!

Sunday: Saving Day! No money spent, other than at the collection at church. I also want to have a family activity scheduled this day!

Daily I will continue to clean the kitchen and complete chores as needed.

On another note: I would love to get my family to eat out only once bi- weekly. Let's see if I can do it!

Please link up and share your homemaking tips or cleaning schedules.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! You've inspired me to make a plan for my home too!


  2. Is this really working for you so far? I'm a full-time employed mom, too, and I can't imagine getting as much done in one evening as you have slated for Mondays! And doing all the laundry in one night? If you have 4 loads (sounds like) that take 20 minutes in the washer + 40 in the dryer, that's 3 hours. Do you really have 3 hours to spare after cooking (you clearly like to cook!) and caring for kids?

    My plan for keeping up with everything is always a work in progress, but the main thing I keep learning is that I tend to plan too much for the time I actually have available. I am at home 13 hours on weeknights (if we have no evening activities and don't do errands) but I'm supposed to spend 8 of them sleeping. I tend to forget that, stay up late attempting to finish my to-do list, and crash for only 4 or 5 hours. It works, but not well!!

    Anyway, better to make a plan and then adjust it than to flounder around without a plan or to keep on with a bad plan like you had before! I hope 2011 is your year of feeling less overwhelmed!

  3. Yes, I have had to make adjustments based on what I have occuring for the week. I also use Saturday as a catch up day. I do feel less stressed about housework and that was most important.