Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hot Cocoa - Adapted from Hersheys

Hot Cocoa - Adapted from Hersheys

8oz warm/hot milk
2 T cocoa (Special Dark is awesome)
2 T sugar
sprinkle, salt
1/4 tsp. vanilla*

*If you wish to have a more "french vanilla" cocoa, add 2ish tsp. vanilla

First, measure the cocoa and sugar and place in the bottom of the mug of choice.

Then, heat the milk (in a microwave safe container, or in a saucepan) until it reaches the desired warmness. I've found it helpful to warm the milk in a large measuring cup because it pours so nicely into the mug.

Stir the mix as needed to dissolve the chocolate. Some clumps will remain... but, that's life. ( Ipoured a little and then the remainder)

Add in vanilla and the dash of salt. I don't know why you need the salt, but, it does make a difference.

Enjoy your nice mug of hot chocolate.

Recommended use: with a blanket, a good book and sitting before a fireplace.

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